On imperfection

I think it will be the nature of these posts to be a bit rushed, certainly imperfect. I don’t know yet what their value might turn out to be. But I suspect their primary value will have to do, precisely, with imperfection.

Winter forest

Winter forest photo by Jonathan Martin-DeMoor

I’m testing a theory, by creating this blog. My theory, in short, is that community requires particularity. Partiality, particularity, imperfection—these are what we’re made of, what it is our work to accept. And, accepting our (weirdish, freakish) particularity, we more easily accept the particularity, and difference, of others. And perhaps we will find that the more our communities are like healthy forests—ecologies of difference—the less prone they are to dis/ease. Perfection is a monoculture.

I want to learn the art of imperfection. I want to learn the art of my own particularity, the art of community in a culture that has largely lost that art.

This blog is a journal of my apprenticeship.

2 comments to On imperfection

  • Miranda

    Love the ideas on particularity and community. I find myself rubbing against these daily…both my own quirks, inability to fit perfection and the struggle to be in-community with acceptance of all others’ particularities. I find myself inextricably intertwined in an ecology that always, perhaps by necessity, seems half-stricken. And, also, while I pine [sic] for feelings of common ground, I am relieved that there isn’t only birch, that I haven’t awoke to a forest monoculture of me or me(s) or all-yous. Wishing you a completely (im)perfect day.

    • Lisa

      I’ve been thinking about this “half-stricken” all day. And the ‘pine’-ing for common ground. This is the hard part, isn’t it? I’m heartened to hear your thoughts on this. It’s an important conversation, one I’m only beginning to learn how to have. Thanks for the feedback!

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