What it says

March, march, march–how do you do it? Just as the daffodils poke their noses through the soil, a return to winter, heavy snow. Not that it isn’t beautiful–bright crystals shining on the roof, crystals on the back deck so intricately lit by morning sun I don’t want the dog to walk on them (but walk […]

“The story will tell you”

Another phrase of mine has come back to me, recently, from an unexpected angle. When I read to J. (unsurprisingly, this is one of my favourite child-minding activities), she is full of questions. Sometimes, I stop to answer her questions. Sometimes, I answer in more detail than she is looking for (though just as often […]

On Structure and Purpose

Last semester, I taught a creative non-fiction writing workshop. All semester, I repeated this phrase like a mantra to my students: structure and purpose, structure and purpose.

I meant their essays. But I’m coming to see this as a mantra for life, especially a writing life. If I want something to fit in my life, […]

International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day—a day to celebrate women, but also to call attention to the fact that women are still “poorer and less powerful than men in every country in the world” (UN report, “Progress of the World’s Women 2011: In Pursuit of Justice”). So it’s a good day to think about this, and […]

On focus and concentration

Dancing winter sunlight on Ministik trail, photo by Jonathan Martin-DeMoor

I wanted this post to be about focus, mostly because I’ve set myself a goal of completing a draft of the novel by the end of August (yikes), and I want to spend March finishing up the planning work I’m doing so in April […]

Happy (belated) Leap Day

Yesterday was my daughter’s first Leap Day. I tried to explain the concept to her, but got a bit hung up in the details. I had the vague sense this extra day existed to correct for some kind of basic imperfection in the fit between the earth’s orbit around the sun and the system we […]