“The best review I know how to give”: Lorri Neilsen Glenn’s Threading Light: Explorations in Loss and Poetry

I’ve just finished reading Lorri Neilsen Glenn‘s amazing book of essays, Threading Light: Explorations in Loss and Poetry. This is a book that blows my mind—that blows my mind and my heart wide open. It is a book of gifts, a work that gathers the diffuse gifts of a life and slowly, lyrically—with great attentiveness […]

Mother’s Day


#1–Mother’s Day brunch at my in-laws’ place, a trip to the playground, a drive-home double-nap, beer with my sweetheart on the front lawn, sun and a breeze–ah. I even managed to sit solo beneath the birch in the sun and read a bit of last year’s Griffin International Poetry Prize winner Gjertrud Schnackenberg’s Heavenly […]

The Hook of the “Mommy Wars,” and Feminism

You’ve probably heard the hubbub lately over the recent cover of Time magazine that has frustrated and angered many mothers because of its deeply problematic representation of extended breastfeeding. Leave aside the many, many reasons for which this photograph and its accompanying title “Are you Mom enough?” are ridiculous, merely provocative, and not at all […]

Some exciting news, and two readings coming soon…

My essay “A Container of Light,” originally published in The New Quarterly, issue 120, has been nominated for the 2012 National Magazine Awards in the Personal Journalism category and has also been shortlisted for an Alberta Literary Award (the James H. Gray Award for Short Non-Fiction).

I wrote the essay, which is about (among other […]