Mother’s Day


#1–Mother’s Day brunch at my in-laws’ place, a trip to the playground, a drive-home double-nap, beer with my sweetheart on the front lawn, sun and a breeze–ah. I even managed to sit solo beneath the birch in the sun and read a bit of last year’s Griffin International Poetry Prize winner Gjertrud Schnackenberg’s Heavenly Questions (before being summoned inside to help deal with a meltdown–it is mother‘s day, after all).

#2–Mother’s Day would be an ideal day to read this excellent article (which I’m very please to be included in–along with Camilla Gibb, Carrie Snyder, and Julie Booker): “Mom’s the Word: Tips and Confessions from Writing Mothers,” written by Erin Knight for Open Book Ontario. I love reading this kind of piece–I’m hooked on reading anything I can find about mothers and writers. Do you have a favourite essay, interview, film, novel, book of poems, painting, photograph, etc. about moms, or mom-writers? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

#3–Mother’s Day is bittersweet for me. And I expect this is true for many people, for many different reasons. I’m reminded of the Blue Christmas celebrations, special services organized for people entering the season with a broken heart. This is my ninth Mother’s Day since Mom died, of cancer, at 55. It doesn’t disappear, that sadness. I miss my mom a lot on this day. So here’s a shout out to all of you out there for whom Mother’s Day is a difficult day, or a day of mixed feelings, a day of sorrow as well as joy, or even just a day of anger.

I’m wishing you room to feel it, a friend to share it with. I’m wishing you something so beautifully blue it comforts you, or lets you grieve, or opens your heart to the day, wherever it finds you.

And I’m sending you these lines by the poet Fanny Howe, from her Selected Poems:


Sorrow can be a home to stand on so

And see far to: another earth, a place I might know



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  • I’ve just discovered your blog (through that Open Book Ontario piece), and I also read a Container of Light in the New Quarterly last fall, and I wanted to drop a line to say I think both are wonderful. I’m looking forward to exploring your blog further. That combination of mothering and writing thoughts/struggles/endeavours is a lifeline to me too.

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