Some exciting news, and two readings coming soon…

My essay “A Container of Light,” originally published in The New Quarterly, issue 120, has been nominated for the 2012 National Magazine Awards in the Personal Journalism category and has also been shortlisted for an Alberta Literary Award (the James H. Gray Award for Short Non-Fiction).

I wrote the essay, which is about (among other things) the miscarriage I had before J was born, for the purpose of including it in an anthology of literary essays on pregnancy and/or parenthood and loss (tentatively titled How to Expect what You’re Not Expecting) that I’m putting together with my dear friend and fellow writer Jessica Hiemstra. I am very pleased to report that her essay for the anthology, “How to bury a yellow toque,” about (among other things) her sister’s stillbirth and originally published in The Malahat Review, issue 174, has also been nominated for a National Magazine Award, in the “One of a kind” category. Winners will be announced on June 7.

This is very exciting news for our little anthology, which is currently looking for a publisher. We are still soliciting essays, so please consider writing to us at moc.liamgnull@tcepxeotwoh if you think you might have something for us.


Chaser, by Erin KnightMore happy news. Another dear friend and fellow writer (born and raised in Edmonton), Erin Knight, has just launched her second full-length book of poetry, the exceptional Chaser. She will be in Edmonton on Sunday, May 27, at 2pm, launching her new book at Audreys. Please come out and support her!

In conflicting (but happy) news, the finalists for the Alberta Literary Awards (myself included) will be reading that same afternoon, May 27, also at 2pm, at our other local independent bookstore, Greenwoods Bookshoppe. (Have you been into the new location yet? It’s wonderful–brick and hardwood and stained glass–shades of Elliott Bay Books in Seattle…sigh. And, they’ve recently added more copies of my poetry collection One crow sorrow to their poetry section (it had been out of stock). So if you are looking to support a local writer (ahem–me), and a local bookstore, here’s a good way to kill two birds…well, one bird

So, which reading should you go to? The clear answer is both. If you figure out how to manage that, let me know, as I am still trying to figure out how to pull that feat off. But actually, the answer is the launch for Chaser. You’ll want to say, later, that you were there.


5 comments to Some exciting news, and two readings coming soon…

  • Erin Knight

    Congratulations, Lisa! That essay deserves the recognition–so honest, shattering, and clear-eyed.
    But I’m sorry to hear that our readings conflict. I’d love to be at yours!

  • Thanks, Erin! I haven’t quite resigned myself to not being at yours yet.

  • Fabulous news….looking forward to reading it. Happy for you!

  • Lisa,
    I read ‘Container of Light’ some time ago when Ary provided a link in the Carrier and I have thought about it often since. You are an amazing writer and I really appreciated that piece in so many ways. Thank you. Am looking forward to your novel! Will enjoy posting on my blog about it. But no rush, you are also involved in some pretty important endeavours now with your beautiful young children. That is a special time, don’t miss it. Blink, and you’ll be into the next season of your life and you will have more time to write (at least it will seem like a blink when you are looking back on it ). :) Blessings and hugs to you,

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