Wild Writers Literary Festival

The New Quarterly has launched a new literary festival, the Wild Writers Literary Festival, described on the TNQ site as follows:

We’re bringing in some of Canada’s most talented emerging and established writers to share their writing and expertise with readers and writers in the region, fostering a local love of literature. It will take place on November 2-3, in Uptown Waterloo. The Festival will combine a mix of readings and educational opportunities (masterclasses and panel discussions) for aspiring writers and lovers of literature, in a fun and engaging way. We will host a series of masterclasses for writers to be presented by experts in their field that will range in subjects from literary to general interest.

They’ve launched an indiegogo campaign “to cover travel expenses and fair compensation for the writers who will enlighten and inspire us.” If you can help, by donating or by spreading the word, please consider doing so. TNQ is a true supporter of writers, including aspiring/emerging writers, in this country. I’m sure this festival will be amazing.

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