Here’s something new for me: a column for Avenue Edmonton. The editors asked me to contribute something for their #YEG column for the August issue, and this is what I came up with.

The August issue came out on my son’s 1st birthday, hence the column’s point of entry. But I’ve been thinking about this “You are here” thing for quite a while, ever since coming upon a map (with the standard red dot for orientation) in the parking lot of Lloyd Hall at the Banff Centre, at the end of a walk I’d taken to try to clear my head and achieve some clarity about something I was struggling with in my writing.

“You are here,” the map said, and I understood this suddenly as a solution, as a kind of resonant answer to the problem I was trying to solve. I still think about that moment quite a bit. I expect this is not the last use I will make of that little phrase.


For Edmontonians: the #YEG column is a monthly feature in Avenue Edmonton (and it’s new to me, so perhaps to you too). Check out the back issues here, if you’re interested (pieces by Greg Hollingshead, Marina Endicott, Tim Bowling, and many other current and former literary Edmontonians).



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