An answer to my own question (which is to say, a response)

I spent the morning in happy disconnection. But now I’ve heard about Newtown, Connecticut. What can be said? What except be kind. Be kind with a steely resolution. Be kind when it isn’t easy, be kind when it hurts. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to each other out there.

So in answer to my question earlier today (the question I had walking home from my own daughter’s school on what I still thought was an ordinary day), the answer is yes, we need it. The answer, which is another way to say the response, is yes. We need art’s openness to this tormented, spectacular world. We need the will and the heart and the kindness. We need to make art and to reach out for it. We need to have something to give to each other in times like these, when so many hearts are breaking. All our hearts break, are breaking, have broken, will break again. We need the willingness and the resilience to make something of all of this. Art is necessary–even if it isn’t sufficient. It’s part of our responsibility, because we’re here.

Forgive the sermon. Here’s a prayer to go with it, from Paul Simon.





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