Announcing the contributors…

What a day! We have a cover for How to Expect What You’re Not Expecting: Stories of Pregnancy, Parenthood and Loss. I can’t tell you how gratifying it is to reach this point in the process. Thanks to Shawna Lemay for the beautiful cover image!

To celebrate, I’m posting the list of our fabulous contributors […]

A few paths up the same mountain

I started this blog a little more than a year ago. Would you like to know why? It’s because I had failed, for the umpteenth time, to get any of the various jobs I had applied for in my field (this time I had applied for a creative writing instructor position at a university in […]

Someone at the other end

When we were kids, my twin sister and I loved playing with and inventing forms of communication that involved the imagination–the tin can on a string telephone, an ice cream bucket we passed between our bunks as a conveyor of notes (an email prototype). Having a twin, I never suffered for lack of a playmate, […]

Poorly defined trail

In Banff, nearly a decade ago, I took a walk on a Sunday with a couple of other writers. At the “trailhead,” a white piece of board nailed to a makeshift post bore the words:






A lovely discovery for writers off duty (as if […]