It’s (officially) a book!

Today, more than four and a half years after my co-conspirator Jessica Hiemstra and I had our first conversation about making a book like this, How to Expect What You’re Not Expecting: Stories of Pregnancy, Parenthood, and Loss (Touchwood Editions) makes its way into bookstores. This is a necessary book, friends. A book about loss and heartache, hope and love. A book of sorrow and consolation. A book brimming with resilience, beauty, grief, and above all with language that knows precisely what it’s doing.

If your local independent bookstore doesn’t carry it already, you can order a copy from them and in so doing bring some small but tangible good into the world. The book is also available from and, for those of you outside of Canada, from

Making this book has been a labour of love for me and Jessica. We are so proud of the thing we have made. I promise you, the essays in this book are worth every minute you will spend reading and rereading them. Here’s how Kim Jernigan begins her excellent foreword to the anthology: “This book, the one you hold in your hands, this book about loss and longing and the half-life of grief, is a wonderful book, one you will want to read, and read again, and share with someone dear to you. This might be a surprise, at least it was for me, for it’s a book in large part about the greatest of heartaches, the loss of a child. And yet this book is more than that…”

We would really love it if you would help us to get the word out about this book! Tell your friends! Please consider reviewing the book on your blog, or on amazon, or posting about it on social media. This book is medicine. We want to get it into people’s hands.

Keep your eye on the book’s very own Facebook Page for events and updates.

Here is the complete list of our wonderful writers: Chris Arthur, Kim Aubrey, Janet Baker, Yvonne Blomer, Jennifer Bowering Delisle, Kevin Bray, Erika Connor, Sadiqa de Meijer, Jessica Hiemstra, Fiona Tinwei Lam, Lisa Martin-DeMoor, Lorri Neilsen Glenn, Susan Olding, Laura Rock, Gail Marlene Schwartz, Maureen Scott Harris, Carrie Snyder, Cathy Stonehouse, and Chris Tarry.

And, last but not least, one very big thank you to Shawna Lemay, whose beautiful photograph we are so happy to have on the cover of the book. (Check out more of her photography, writing, and curation over at Calm Things and Canadian Poetries).

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