On the Given

When I first began this blog, I wrote my initial post on the topic of perishable gifts. I had a six-month-old and a nearly four-year-old. My posts were brief, with an emphasis on imperfection. Somehow I made time for them, then, when there was less time objectively speaking. Now I have more time, so expect […]

It’s (officially) a book!

Today, more than four and a half years after my co-conspirator Jessica Hiemstra and I had our first conversation about making a book like this, How to Expect What You’re Not Expecting: Stories of Pregnancy, Parenthood, and Loss (Touchwood Editions) makes its way into bookstores. This is a necessary book, friends. A book about loss […]

Announcing the contributors…

What a day! We have a cover for How to Expect What You’re Not Expecting: Stories of Pregnancy, Parenthood and Loss. I can’t tell you how gratifying it is to reach this point in the process. Thanks to Shawna Lemay for the beautiful cover image!

To celebrate, I’m posting the list of our fabulous contributors […]

Someone at the other end

When we were kids, my twin sister and I loved playing with and inventing forms of communication that involved the imagination–the tin can on a string telephone, an ice cream bucket we passed between our bunks as a conveyor of notes (an email prototype). Having a twin, I never suffered for lack of a playmate, […]

National Magazine Awards 2012

I woke up this morning to find an email from Kim Jernigan, the editor of The New Quarterly, with news from last night’s National Magazine Awards gala. My essay, “A Container of Light,” published in TNQ issue 120, has been awarded the silver medal in Personal Journalism at the 2012 National Magazine Awards! I am […]

Some exciting news, and two readings coming soon…

My essay “A Container of Light,” originally published in The New Quarterly, issue 120, has been nominated for the 2012 National Magazine Awards in the Personal Journalism category and has also been shortlisted for an Alberta Literary Award (the James H. Gray Award for Short Non-Fiction).

I wrote the essay, which is about (among other […]